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Watercolor, drawing, printmaking, acrylics and sculpture
Most of Beau’s work is representational of subjects in nature or personal interest. He studied art at the University of Washington in Seattle, Central Washington in Ellesberg and even at the University of Kansas as a grade-schooler.


Stonecarver, sculpts in alabaster, limestone, and also custom formulated concrete.
Stacy employs direct sculpture methods. She uses the traditional sculpting tools of hammer, chisel and rasp. She work primarilty in alabaster and limestone creating organic, abstract, and figurative pieces. Stacy strives to coax the motion and fluidity of nature from the stone.


220 Texas Avenue
Ore City, Texas
Mixed and multi-mediums

Bob tries a variety of methods to use recycled or scrap materials to create functional pieces or pieces that show deep feelings. He has won several ribbons at fairs as far back as the 1980s. He has been featured at Art Walk in Longview, TX and Hot Springs, AR. Pieces in private collections are in New Hampshire, Montana, Oregon, Arkansas, New Mexico and Texas



Watercolor, oils, printmaking, welding, ceramics
Diane was born in Northeast Texas and has spent most of her life there outdoors painting, gardening, and working with animals. Her work is influenced by the colors, trees, and wildlife of the area and memories of growing up in such a colorful and naturally beautiful place. She has studied at Texas A&M and received her BFA in Printmaking at Southern Methodist University. She has travelled extensively and has painted in all parts of the world including Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe as well as the United States. Her work can be seen in many private collections in the United States, Australia, and Europe.


Acrylics, oils, watercolor, sketching, collage

Recently Jenny has been working on a series of 2-dimensional, multi-media peices. This series gave her the opportunity to express two ideas into one piece of art. The 1960s brought a transformation in the art world. One group of 60s artists began experimenting with 2-D art in a form called op-art (short for Optical illusion). Jenny recently returned to her 60s roots and began producing art from this op-art style. . Currently she is creating artwork in oils and watercolors.



Acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, clay, photography

Claudia was born into an artist’s home, but found her first creative path as a writer. In 2006 she took a clay class and within a few years began painting and working in mixed media. Teaching art in public school and private lessons in her spacious Gingko Art Studio has provided her another perspective of sharing art with others. Claudia is currently inspired by musicians and with photographs she takes of local musicians and other musical artists who inspire her creates paintings that evoke the soul and feeling expressed by the subject. Her work is in private collections, on display at OS2 Restaurant & Pub in Marshall, TX, and exhibited throughout the area.


Acrylic, oils, mixed media collage, Sharpie, clay
Dennis is an artist, painter, sculptor, and sometimes poet creating artworks in a century old Victorian bungalow in historic Marshall, TX, east of the downtown area which serves as residence, studio, and gallery. His paintings are rendered primarily in acrylic paint and often includes the use of Sharpie permanent markers, paper collage, and other mixed media. The subjects of these paintings range from the mysterious Caddo Lake, abstract compositions, the female form to pieces that tell a story, mostly about the artist’s journey. Sculpted works fabricated in metal are abstract pieces composed of geometric and twisted remnants of steel while works in clay tend to have more of a human element such as female torsos and stylized busts. All things are raw material for creating, the sketchbook, photos, trips and personal relationships all blend together to create this art.


410 E. Carolanne
Marshall, TX 75672

Watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, etching, hand-pulled prints
Growing up in Arkansas, Carol was surrounded by beauty. Later she studied at the Memphis Art Academy in Memphis, Tennessee, then worked in commercial art a few years. She began a business in needle arts to keep her close to home while raising a family. Carol now works from her studio in Marshall, TX, taking time out to teach adult classes in Texas and Arkansas. An award-winning artist, in 2006 she was chosen to exhibit in the 44th Artists’ Invitational Show at the Longview Museum of Fine Art. Following this exhibition a representative piece of her work was added to the permanent collection. In 2005 she was the recipient of the Grand Prize purchase award at the Marshall Regional Arts Council competition. In 2001 Carol received Best of Show at the Douglas M. Walton Water-Media 2001 Encounter at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana. In 1997 she was chosen among the Top 100 Artists in America taking 2nd in the international competition in LaJolla, California. Recently her work was purchased to hand in the Texas state capitol and in the nation’s capitol as well. Carol’s work has been exhibited in several states including Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, and Louisiana.