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Genres: Traditional and new country, rock and roll
Richie Arnold is a Marshall, TX resident. On any Monday evening he can be found near the historic courthouse square in Marshall playing guitar and singing with the Monday Night Pickers who enjoy the fellowship of fellow musicians. Richie always has his music stand and notebook that holds a huge collection of some of his favorite melodies. He sells real estate as his day job, but when it comes to music it is a great love in his life. Richie is available for small gigs, private events and just to jam with others who love music.


Booking: 903-841-3842

Daniel Foster is one of a new breed of young musicians whose life was touched by those who came before him. As a young man he was drawn to Outlaw Country music and especially the “Man in Black” Johnny Cash. “My grandpa playing and singing for me are my earliest musical memories. His influence is reflected in my songs with the traditional style I bear. How I would love to sit on his front porch swing with him today and ask his advice on my latest creation.” Daniel’s respect for his elders has translated into a love for the senior citizen community, especially those in nursing homes and assisted living. Wheels & Walkers is Daniel’s performance tour that brings music to those who are unable to attend outside their facility. The faces of those beloved ladies and gentlemen reflect the joy and memories his music delivers. Daniel’s upbringing by his mother gave him a firm foundation. “My mom is a superhero in my eyes. She put her four kids on top of her list while she was raising us while working two or three jobs a day to take care of us in our younger days, and, in her spare time she even taught me how to dance!!!” Daniel writes original songs, but also plays the classics. He has recorded music available through his website and is available for live performances and special events.



Genres: country, rock, bluegrass, gospel, blues, contemporary Christian
Ricky Maxey is a Marshall, TX resident, but has lived all over East Texas with Carthage as his hometown. An outdoorsman and conservationist he blends his knowledge and love of both with his musical and artistic gifts by playing guitar, singing, and doing photography. Growing up in a music-loving family he was shaped by the classic sounds of Jimmie Rodgers, Woody Guthrie, the Carter Family, Merle Haggard, and Johnny Cash. As his musical tastes began to develop new influences included Michael Murphy, John Denver, and John Prine. Ricky played on a CD titled “Philsongs-Remembered Days” which also included an original song “Me and This Old Guitar”. In describing himself Ricky shares, “Music never dies, it just gets into who you are, and melts with your own life experience. I’m just a ‘jam’ musician. I play guitar, but also dabble with harmonica, mandolin, and dulcimer. Guitar is my instrument of choice. I also sing tenor in my church choir and it’s a big part of who I am. My relationship with Jesus Christ is important to me and I hope it shows.” Ricky participates regularly in a loosely formed group called Monday Night Pickers at 6:30pm on the hisotric courthouse square in Marshall, TX where anyone may join the circle and take a turn selecting the next song, sing along, or just come to listen. His pure tenor vocals are easy on the ear and a crowd favorite. Visit YouTube and search for easttexashootowl or Ricky Maxey for sampleS of his talent. He available for church functions, private events, and for backup vocals or guitar.